We help our customers to achieve optimum manufacturing of their parts

Distribución Indaraba

Design and modeling of parts

We contribute our Know-how to the end item, analyzing the functionality of the piece and participating in the final design of the product, contributing solutions that improve the processes and the cost of manufacture of products.

We work with the practical totality of formats CAD 3D and 2D, being the most habitual IGES, PRT, DWG and DXF.

Indaraba planificación

Manufacturing Planning

The Technical Department of Indaraba, forming part of the multidisciplinar equipment ofadvanced quality planning, carries out a complete study of manufacturing of the end item, studying the necessities of materials, optimization of the flow of the operations and resources to use in each new project of provision.

Design and manufacture of tools

We meticulously study the manufacturing processes and the optimization of cycles and operations, as well as the development of the project of the clamping tools.The department of tools of Indaraba is in charge of the design, simulation of 3D clamping, manufacturing and maintenance of the tools, with which we drastically reduce the periods of maturation of the tools and therefore of the downtimes to the final customer.

Also the operations of maintenance and repair take place in Indaraba, having a great flexibility before unforeseen expenses.

Design and manufacture of cutting tools

The department of Cutting-Tools of Indaraba is in charge of the provision of cutting tools to the different processes from manufacturing, as well as from the maintenance and resharpening, with the consequent flexibility of production.

Also it makes R&D tasks in the field of the special cutting tools, with which we developed processes of special machining in reduced periods of time, which reduces the terms of provision of the finished product, as well as the manufacturing costs.

Control of production and quality

By means of an advanced computer science system of data capturing in plant in real time, we have immediate information and absolute control on the situation of the manufacturing of products, as well as of the records of quality, results of SPC and trazability of the used materials.

In Indaraba we have the most modern computer science systems of ERP management, which integrated to the systems of capture of data in plant and software of quality management, offer immediate information of the state of our manufacturing, warehouses and provisions.

Also we are integrated in diverse virtual marketplaces of provision to our clients, with which we simplify and we optimice the flow of information.